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PREAMBLE: Christian education involves the growth of the whole man:  Therefore, it is imperative that those elements which focus on the child's education be consistent both at home and at school.  For this reason it is necessary that parents are in accord with the philosophy and teaching of the school.

The following policies and standards of admission will provide consistent training and a quality education for your child.

  1. The Christian school complements the Christian home; therefore, we primarily enroll Christian families.  (An exception may be made if parents agree not to oppose the Biblical teaching of the school).

  2. Parents must state in writing that they have read our philosophy and statement of faith, and commit themselves to co‑educate their child according to Biblical principles.

  3.  Parents must be interviewed by the School Representative.  Both parents will be interviewed except under special circumstances.

  4.   All families are encouraged to attend a Bible‑believing church.

  5.   Upon confirmation by the Administration, your child will be enrolled or placed on a waiting list.

  6.  Acceptance or rejection of applicants will be by written notification.  The Testing Fee must be paid before testing and is nonrefundable if the child is not admitted, or if the child withdraws.

  7.  The Administration may refuse to admit a student with severe disciplinary, psychological or learning disability problems.

  8.  The school does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ethnicity, or religion in the administration of its admission policies.

  9.  Parents are expected to work with the teachers and staff, as a team. This includes being a Godly Christian example. Parents are expected to conduct themselves in a respectful manner, towards other students, staff members and teachers. Failure to comply in this manner may result in the removal of your child from school.

  10.  Students who do not desire to attend Ship Preparatory Academy will not be allowed to attend or remain in school.

  11.  Parents must agree in writing that:

    (a) parents and students will abide by the disciplinary guidelines of the School;

    (b) the school has full discretion for the grade placement of children;

    (c) they will promptly meet all tuition and other financial obligations;

   (d) they agree to willingly support the school in prayer and in lending practical help as required by the school.

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