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Middle School

The Middle School program provides a Christ-based education that nourishes each student’s spiritual, academic and social development.


In middle school, students are learning more responsibility in their academics.  Teachers are there to guide them through the transition from elementary to middle school. Students develop a deep and meaningful understanding of themselves, respect and compassion for others, and a sense of responsibility for both themselves and others. Class discussions and projects are designed to foster intellectual curiosity, empathy, and knowledge; important decisions, events and social changes are examined in a context of social responsibility. Curricular initiatives address ways to provide thoughtful inclusion of skills that focus on ensuring students have the foundation and discipline to competently and independently approach studies and apply what they have learned. As students progress, assignments and assessments challenge them to use information in novel ways and to think compassionately, flexibly and critically. Decision-making is understood in the context of respect, kindness and responsibility to self and to others. It is our hope that Middle School students rise to the Upper School with a deep understanding of their gifts and their limitations, respect for intellectual pursuits, and a clear sense of their responsibility to each other and the greater community.

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