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SHIP PREPARATORY ACADEMY is committed to providing an education of excellence that meets each student's interests, abilities and needs within a common curricular framework and reflects and promotes an understanding of, and, appreciation for, diversity in our community as an integral part of school life.


Preschool (Coming Soon) 

SHIP Preparatory Academy understands that your child’s early years are crucial to their future achievements. It has been proven that students who begin their elementary school years intellectually and socially ahead of their classmates usually remain ahead of their classmates throughout the rest of their school years. Students develop readiness for learning which includes social skills, respect for others and sharing.  Children are introduced to colors, shapes, numbers and letters through games, songs, movements and hands-on activities.  Bible stories are also part of the curriculum.


Middle School

During the Middle School grade years, emphasis is given to the continuing development of basic skills and critical thinking. We believe that the ability to express oneself, both orally and in writing, is crucial to the student’s academic and future success. Problem solving skills are also essential, and the academic program is designed to produce confident, independent thinkers who can fully apply the basic concepts of earlier grades. The students learn through interactive discussion, cooperative group work, and hands-on activities.


Lower School

These self-contained classes emphasize Bible memorization and knowledge.  In reading, most effort is put into word study skills, phonetic patterns, vocabulary expansion and oral reading.  Language arts emphasizes writing skills and improvement techniques.  The new Mathematics program uses the four most effective methods of teaching: demonstration, discussion group, practice by doing and teach others/immediate use of learning.  Social Studies is based on the State required syllabus with a Christian perspective.  Both the physical and life science give the students knowledge of God’s World and a keen appreciation of His power, order and 


High School

In the Upper School, we relentlessly shape our curriculum to effectively bring all truth under the umbrella of His truth. We offer a careful sequence of challenging core courses because we recognize that our students only have a brief amount of time to gain the knowledge, skills and wisdom necessary for the next phase of their lives 


Academically Blended Learning Program

Weekly Chapel Services and Integrated Biblical Instruction

Average Class of 15

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